‘Great White Hope-ism’: ESPN’s William C. Rhoden Writes Racist Op-Ed Taking Jabs At Both Nikola Jokić And Larry Bird

Who knew putting a ball through a hoop was so race-sensitive?

At least it is to ESPN writer William C. Rhoden, who wrote a recent op-ed for Andscape (which is a race-centered website owned by the four-letter network) taking jabs at Nikola Jokić — a white superstar who just won both the NBA championship and Finals MVP with the Denver Nuggets.

In the piece, Rhoden complains about people labeling Jokić as the “greatest of all time,” even though nobody is saying that.

“My issue is not with proclamations of Jokić’s greatness but with the premature coronation of Jokić as the greatest ever, the greatest of all time, the best center the NBA has ever seen — the best of all time,” writes Rhoden. “Of all time” encompasses a vast universe and can only be assessed at the end of a career. There are many more miles to travel before Jokić sits atop Mount Everest with the greatest of all time.”

Rhoden then cranks up the clown show even more by throwing race into the conversation.

“In March, Kendrick Perkins, the former NBA player turned television analyst, committed the unpardonable sin of suggesting that racism played a role in Jokić being pushed

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