Grants help fund wildlife migration corridor work in Montana, Wyoming

Brett French

Following a long, cold winter with heavy snowfall that killed off weak and young wildlife, four conservation projects are planned for Montana and Wyoming to help elk, pronghorn, deer and other species.

Wildlife-friendly fencing has a higher bottom wire and lower top wire.

Simon Buzzard, NWF

The work is targeted at improving wildlife migration corridors and habitat in northern, southeastern and southwest Montana, along with Wyoming. Without easy passage, animals can waste important energy when they are weak, become trapped or entangled and die. 

“The conservation projects funded this year by the Western Big Game Seasonal Habitat and Migration Corridors Fund will make great strides toward protecting species including pronghorn, mule deer and elk during their annual migrations and enhancing the rangeland habitats they need to survive and thrive,” said Jeff Trandahl, executive director and CEO of National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, which administers the grant program. “This year’s awards include two important projects in eastern Montana that will support efforts to secure much-needed migration routes for pronghorn and mule deer.”

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