Grand Forks School Board receives fall enrollment, confirms election results

Most of the increase, 119 students, occurred in the high schools, with the elementary student population increasing by 55. Middle school enrollment dropped by 42.

Overall public school enrollment in Grand Forks was 7,404 as of Sept. 30, compared to 7,272 last May. This year’s fall enrollment stands at: 3,435 for the elementary grades, 1,699 for middle school; and 2,270 for high school.

Comparing last fall to this fall, overall enrollment dropped by nine students, with the largest decrease, 40 students, occurring in the middle school grades — 1,739 to 1,699. Elementary school enrollment rose by 13 and high school enrollment rose by 18.

The district’s demographer had projected a fall 2021 enrollment of 7,523, 119 more than the actual enrollment. However, the projections were probably calculated “pre-COVID” and the demographer could not foresee how the pandemic would affect enrollment, said Brenda Lewis, assistant superintendent of elementary education.

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The smallest K-5 elementary schools, enrollment-wise, in the district are Wilder and Lewis & Clark, each with 166 students, followed by Phoenix, with 219. The largest elementary

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