Grand Forks police urge caution as investigation into rash of overdoses continues

Police are still unsure what caused four overdoses over the weekend, including one that was fatal, Grand Forks Police Lt. Derik Zimmel said.

A toxicology report on the substances that caused the overdoses has not been completed, and so the chemical compound of the drugs is still unknown, Zimmel told the Herald.

A release from the police department said those who overdosed believed they were using heroin. Police believe it contained a much more powerful and dangerous opiate compound.

Zimmel also noted that counterfeit pharmaceutical pills played a role in the overdoses.

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The police department has reported an increase in counterfeit pills in recent months. It’s unclear whether these are the same counterfeit pills that are responsible for the weekend overdoses, pending toxicology. But for now, that is the assumption police are making, Zimmel said.

Grand Forks County Public Health reports that due to the rise in these counterfeit pills, overdoses in Grand Forks County have more than tripled since last year.

The counterfeit pills circulating in the community closely resemble legitimate

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