Grand Forks may change some city alcohol regulations soon

City Council members have been weighing a series of revisions to city code that would, in a nutshell, prevent people who’ve been convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor “crime of violence” from holding a liquor license; allow minors to work in more establishments under certain restrictions; allow some bars and restaurants to deliver alcohol alongside food orders; and expand charitable gambling to restaurants, assuming they host it in a designated “lounge” area.

Council members are set to hold a public hearing and vote definitively on those changes on Monday, June 21. On June 7, they preliminarily approved each over only a handful of formal objections: Council member Bret Weber voted against allowing alcohol delivery, and Council members Jeannie Mock and Katie Dachtler voted against allowing gaming in restaurants.

Here’s a rundown of each set of changes:

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Currently, about 29 businesses in Grand Forks are allowed to host charitable gambling, the proceeds from which go to charities such as the Grafton Curling Club, The Arc and Northern Prairie Performing Arts. The proposal City Council members will consider

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