Grand Forks Customs and Border Protection helicopter team under investigation for rotor washing Line 3 protesters

Official statements say the helicopter responded to a request for assistance from local law enforcement to address the protest, and that the helicopter team promptly left the area after realizing their low-flying maneuvers were kicking up dust and debris near protesters, but video taken by an MPR News reporter at the incident appears to show the helicopter performing the low-flying maneuver multiple times for extended periods of time, and appears to show one passenger in the helicopter filming the proceedings.

“CBP’s headquarters is investigating the facts to determine precisely what occurred and whether the actions taken were justified,” CBP spokesperson Kris Grogan said in a prepared emailed statement. “All appropriate actions will be taken based on the facts that are learned, including with respect to the incident itself as well as the agency’s applicable policies and procedures.”

Grogan added the agency would release no further information at this time, and he declined to identify helicopter staff or say whether any of them are on leave pending the investigation.

More than 200 protesters were arrested or cited on Monday at the Two Inlets pump station just south of Itasca State Park, where activists locked themselves to construction equipment

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