Grand Forks city asks residents to voluntarily limit outdoor water usage

Beginning on Friday, July 16, residents will be asked to limit their outdoor water usage, specifically watering of lawns, as part of phase one of the city’s Drought Management and Demand Reduction Plan. Residents are asked to limit watering their lawns to between 4 a.m. to 11 a.m., two days a week.

A Thursday release from the city indicated that the rivers are flowing at levels that meet water needs, and the request to reduce outdoor water usage is not mandatory.

“Here’s what we found here in the past month or so, the river flows are trending down, they’re not at this dangerous ‘oh, my goodness level,’ but they’re not going up,” said John Bernstrom, city spokesperson.

The city monitors stream flows of the Red River and Red Lake River on a monthly basis. In May, the stream flow of the Red Lake River was 543 cubic feet per second. That number dropped to 266 in June. The Red River flowed at 1,920 cubic feet per second in May and in June flowed at 824.

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