Governor visits DeSmet to celebrate boost in public school funding

Gov. Greg Gianforte fielded questions from DeSmet students this week during his visit to Missoula as part of a tour around the state to highlight public school funding.

“One of the most important things government does is provide for education, and that’s why we’ve prioritized funding,” Gianforte said to an auditorium of DeSmet staff and elementary students on Wednesday.

The governor signed House Bill 15 into law in March, a piece of legislation with the goal to pour money into public schools to mitigate inflation.

DeSmet Elementary School kindergartener Owen Schmitt, 5, right, points to an astronaut in the children’s book “Build Me a Home” by Emily Bannister as Gov. Greg Gianforte reads to a group of students in Missoula on Wednesday, Sept. 13. The governor visited DeSmet to highlight record funding for K-12 public education.


For the 2024 fiscal year, the difference in the education general fund is estimated to be $15,984,474, and the 2025 fiscal year difference is estimated to be $69,575,164. To cover these differences caused by inflationary costs, HB 15 adds $85.6 million to

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