Governor touts TEACH Act at Lockwood High School

Gov. Greg Gianforte stood in front of Zach Carleton’s honors English class at Lockwood High Tuesday morning and asked the students what they liked to read. 

Gov. Greg Gianforte visits Zach Carlton’s freshman Honors English class at Lockwood High School on Tuesday. The Governor visited the campus to meet with educators and school administrators benefitting from new laws that reform teacher licensing requirements under the TEACH Act.

AMY LYNN NELSON, Billings Gazette

After a smattering of responses, including one student who nervously couldn’t remember the title of his favorite book, only that it was about World War II, Gianforte explained that he thought nonfiction was often stranger than fiction and that he really enjoyed reading history, particularly Montana history. 

“Isn’t it kind of your job to know it,” another student asked. 

“No, I do it because I enjoy it,” Gianforte said. 

The governor was at Lockwood High to highlight the impact of the TEACH Act, legislation that was passed by the state in 2021 and then tightened up by the last Legislature in April. 

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