Governor Gianforte Slams Inflation-Causing Federal Programs

During his monthly get together on KGVO’s Talk Back Show on Tuesday, Montana Governor Greg Gianforte criticized the new $1.85 trillion infrastructure bill by stating that it will increase inflation for Montanans.

“Economics is pretty simple,” said Governor Gianforte. “If you have a dollar and the government prints another dollar and puts it in circulation, your dollar is now worth 50 cents. That’s inflation, and it hurts when people go to the gas pump, go to the grocery store, or try and buy a house. It’s all a result of reckless spending in Washington, DC.”

Gianforte acknowledged the need for improved infrastructure, but took the Biden Administration to task over how they are attempting to pay for it.

“Of course, we need roads and bridges that are well repaired, but the spending is out of control,” he said. “The unfortunate thing is what that’s doing is it’s driving up the cost of living in Montana for groceries and for gas. I saw report last week that if you heat your home with natural gas or heating oil, your bill is going to be about 50 percent higher this winter. That’s 50 percent higher. This is going to make it tougher for hardworking Montanans,

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