Governor Gianforte Recounts his Visit to Keystone Pipeline Area

Over the weekend, Montana Governor Greg Gianforte toured the areas in eastern Montana where the Keystone XL Pipeline would have crossed the state and spoke to business owners, workers and county officials about the cancellation of the pipeline.

“There’s no good reason that 30 miles of pipe is sitting in a yard north of Saco unused and there’s no good reason that all of these workers on this one section of pipe I visited, over 1,000 workers lost their jobs,” said Gianforte. “President Biden’s decision to shut this down was purely political and it came at the expense of hard working Montanans.”

Gianforte related his visits with others in eastern Montana about the cancellation of the project.

“When I was up in Glasgow and Saco and Malta, I spoke with school superintendents who are worried about being able to hire teachers,” he said. “There are local businesses that invested literally millions of their own dollars expanding their business in anticipation of this project. County commissioners, who would have seen their county revenues there in Philips County, go up by about 50% if this project had gone forward, and with a stroke of a pen, President Biden shut it down.”


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