Governor discusses business development with state chamber

Gov. Greg Gianforte said Thursday that the state has taken some of its complicated and confusing regulations that require more than a Ph.D. degree to comprehend and is using artificial intelligence software to rewrite them into language that someone with a high school diploma can understand.

The comments were made during the “Last Word Luncheon” at the end of the Jan. 10-11 Montana Chamber of Commerce Business Days at the Capitol in which the Republican governor fielded questions from chamber CEO Todd O’Hair. Gianforte referred to the confusing regulations and said the state was using ChatGPT, a free artificial intelligence system that lets users modify dialogue. He said that some of the regulations had been analyzed and it was determined that people needed a Ph.D., plus postdoctoral work, to understand.

Gov. Greg Gianforte, left, answers a question given to him Thursday by Todd O’Hair, president and chief executive officer of the Montana Chamber of Commerce.

Phil Drake, Independent Record

The conversation, in front of nearly 200 people at the Delta Hotels by Marriott Helena Colonial ranged from how Montana is recruiting businesses

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