GOP picks final four in 2024 convention search


Republicans are ramping up their search for a host city for the party’s 2024 national convention, narrowing the list of contenders to four cities.

The cities in contention are Milwaukee, Nashville, Pittsburgh and Salt Lake City, according to a person familiar with the search process. Party officials are planning to visit each of the locations over the coming months before finalizing a decision in the spring.

The deliberations come as the GOP begins its early preparations for the next presidential election. When Republican National Committee members gather in Salt Lake City next month for their annual winter meeting, they are expected to discuss a range of 2024-related issues, including the primary calendar, primary and general election debates and the convention search.

The choice of a convention host city has taken on an important symbolic role in recent years, with both parties using them to deliver statements of intent about competing for important swing states — and to direct attention and organizing resources to those places.

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