GOP leaders blast Pelosi after speaker called their Commitment to America an ‘extremist agenda’

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FIRST ON FOX: House GOP leadership blasted Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., after she called the Republicans’ Commitment to America package an “extremist agenda.” 

In interviews with Fox News Digital on Friday, top Republicans like House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy accused Pelosi of being afraid to run on Democrats’ legislative record. 

The Commitment to America, which House Republicans launched on Friday, outlines their plan to address issues like parental rights and the economy if they retake the House in November’s midterm elections


Pelosi was quick to attack the Republican plan. 

“Today’s rollout is the latest evidence of House Republicans’ whole-hearted commitment to MAGA: going all-in on an extremist agenda designed to greatly diminish Americans’ health, freedom and security,” she said Friday.

“This alarming new extreme MAGA platform threatens to criminalize women’s health care, slash seniors’ Medicare and raise prescription drug prices, and attack our free and fair elections,” the speaker continued. 

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was quick to criticize Republicans’ Commitment to America plan.  (Getty Images)

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., pushed back on Pelosi’s attack on the package in an interview with Fox News Digital,

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