GOP governors play down Omicron 'hysteria' while also asking for help


TALLAHASSEE — Republican governors are downplaying the rapid explosion of new Covid infections — but they still want Joe Biden’s help stopping it.

Governors in Florida, Texas, Nebraska, Mississippi, Georgia and South Carolina have all recently made it clear: No shutdowns and no vaccine mandates. Gov. Ron DeSantis this week criticized some states that tried to staunch the spread of omicron infections, saying, “If you look at what’s going on in other states, they are letting hysteria drive them.”

Yet DeSantis, as well as Texas GOP Gov. Greg Abbott, called on the Biden administration to do more to get the new, highly contagious variant under control. So have Arkansas’s Asa Hutchinson and New Hampshire’s Chris Sununu, though both have warned of the dangers of the new variant. Abbott on Friday urged the administration to “to step up in this fight and provide the resources necessary to help protect Texans,” including more monoclonal antibody treatments that have

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