Good Thing Dua Lipa’s Wearing Booty Shorts With This Dress

Dua Lipa rocked a super short neon micro-dress that came with its very own booty shorts Tuesday, and it was bright enough to light up any room.

The singer and entertainer sported the wildly fun number at the Spotify Beach during the Cannes Lions Festival, giving fans a fashion show that was as impressive as her performance. She took the stage in this jaw-dropping number and instantly mesmerized fans with the flirty keyhole cutout that she boasted smack-dab in the middle of her outfit. The neon green dress featured fabric bunched in the shape of roses, and wrapped around the back of her neck with the halter-top design. It was such a short fashion-piece that the booty shorts underneath were a necessity, and fans can take a sneak peek of it on her Instagram page.

Fans who could tear their eyes off the stunningly styled neckline of this dress discovered that it was designed to flow and move with the artist as she performed her highly choreographed routine. The rusched hemline barely covered her upper thigh area, so the bodysuit bottom-portion played the all-important role of preventing Dua Lipa from flashing her audience.(RELATED: ‘Yeah, F*ck That’: Dua

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