Good teachers should cross picket lines to teach kids

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I’m a newly retired elementary school teacher. I taught for more than 30 years. I served on my local school board. I sat on committees and performed other extracurricular duties. I sued my teachers’ union in 2016 with a case that went all the way to the Supreme Court, so I can add plaintiff to my resume. My reputation in my school district was stellar, despite rocking the boat with that awkward suing situation.

My only regret is that I never got to be a scab. I’m an accomplished, educated woman, and yet I never achieved the high honor of crossing a picket line.

But first a little context. Before COVID, teachers were actually expected to teach in order to earn their salaries. We taught, then we got paid. Good teachers worked extra hours at home and spent their own money for classroom supplies and rewards. During COVID, union bosses, for some mysterious reason, worked hard to keep schools closed, creating learning loss, isolation and depression among many children. Despite that, the education mafia kicked into high gear, using the pandemic as an excuse to flex their collective muscle and create as much mayhem

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