Good News for NYC: A Better Mayor Is (Probably) Coming

Eric Adams, Democratic candidate for New York City mayor, at a campaign event in Brooklyn, N.Y., June 2, 2021. (Brendan McDermid/Reuters) It’s hard to do worse than Bill de Blasio.

The bad news for New York City is that the next mayor will almost certainly be a Democrat. The good news is that said Democrat will almost certainly be an improvement over the Marxist Frankenstein’s monster who currently rules City Hall.

Early balloting gets under way Saturday for the only mayoral vote this year that is likely to matter in the city. Democratic primary election day is June 22 for the race to succeed Bill de Blasio, who must vacate his office at the end of the calendar year after two terms. (And apparently is thinking about running against Andrew Cuomo for governor next year, in a potential matchup that probably makes Cuomo burst into laughs every time he thinks about it. De Blasio is as popular as gum disease in New York City and as popular as malaria everyplace else in the state of New York.)

There are no serious Republican candidates for mayor of New York City, and even a serious nominee (such

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