Good News for Joe Biden


Posted: Oct 08, 2021 12:01 AM

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More Americans have died from COVID-19 during the Biden administration than during the Trump administration. That is not the good news for President Joe Biden.

Former President Donald Trump initiated Operation Warp Speed. We had Democrats casting aspersions on the efficacy of a would-be and supposedly rushed vaccine. We finally got the vaccine at the end of the Trump administration. The moment Biden became president, Trump voters cast aspersions on the vaccine and the Democrats bullied anyone skeptical of it.

People still died. The delta variant has upended lives and taken loved ones; it has sent progressives cowering in fear of a microbe and upped their loathing of their fellow man. “Love your neighbor,” which has no caveats, carve-outs or exceptions in Scripture, now comes with an “except for the unvaccinated” disclaimer for the Left.

Americans are still stranded in Afghanistan. That too is not the good news for Biden. Officials of San Juan Unified School District in California announced the district has 41

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