GONZALEZ: Republicans Give Left-Wing Prosecutors A Pass, Indict Conservatives Instead

It’s no secret that the Democratic Party has arrayed itself on the side of crime and criminals. But the GOP, for all its chest-thumping about law and order, has done little to help and, in some instances, actually sided with the forces of anarchy. Consider the cases of two prosecutors, Jackie Johnson and Frederick Franklin, both of whom served under Republican governors. 

Franklin has been praised for railroading a white man, Jake Gardner, who shot dead a black criminal, James Scurlock, in Nebraska. Johnson has been charged on specious grounds for her role in the investigation into the killing of a black man, Ahmaud Arbery, by a white man, Travis McMichael, in Georgia. Franklin has long supported left-wing causes, while Johnson is a Republican. Both incidents involving them occurred in 2020, but their fortunes couldn’t be more different.      

Johnson was indicted with obstruction, a misdemeanor, and allegedly violating her oath of office, a felony, for “showing favor and affection” to Travis’ father, Greg McMichael, one of three people charged in the Arbery case.  

Arbery had been wandering through a house under construction in Satilla Shores about two miles from his home in February 2020 when the McMichaels and a neighbor,

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