Go Away Already

There are few things as annoying than a “conservative” who insists they are or should be the arbiters of what true conservatism is. It’s never normal people; you won’t run into some dude at the bar holding court about what Republicans need to do win or rid itself of whatever element it’s fashionable to want to rid the party of. No, it’s always some overpaid blowhard with an inflated sense of self-importance insisting they are the heir to Reagan/Buckley/Goldwater/whomever and anyone who disagrees is damaging the cause and needs to be purged. Call it, “Weekly Standard Syndrome.” 

The a few days have featured a couple of perfect examples of this. First in a op-ed from Christine Todd Whitman, though I suspect she had little to do with actually writing it, her name likely added, with her permission, so readers have a chance of having heard of at least one of the authors. The other is guy called Miles Taylor. Taylor was “Anonymous,” the supposed high-ranking government official in the Trump administration who wrote an op-ed claiming he and others were working to thwart the will of the former President. He turned out to be a mid-level drone no one

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