GNP Ranger Helps With Heartwarming Reunion of Girl’s Stuffed Bear

Everybody has a favorite stuffed animal while they’re growing up. There’s always that one that you choose to be a bedtime buddy, to take trips to grandma’s house, and pick for show and tell. My favorite was Foofur. Do you remember him? If you don’t, check out the cartoon below that starred the titular blue dog. Man, looking back it was pretty awful!

Foofur is still kickin’, all these years later

After Foofur served his purpose of being my sleeping companion when I was a youngster, he went into storage for years until he was passed down to my daughter. He still has a home in the unnecessarily large pile of stuffed animals in my daughter’s room. And every once in a while he still gets picked to sleep in her bed for the night. And might I say, he still looks pretty good for having his tag say © 1984!

Photo: Ryan NelsonThe start to a great story!

If you have kids you know how attached they can be to their favorite stuffed animals. The last thing you want is the meltdown that comes when it’s time to leave the house and they can’t find Mr. Cuddles. I loved seeing this story from KPAX where a young

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