Gloria Soja column: God is Child

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you – the problem is, most of us do. I don’t recall where I first heard that little add on to the Golden Rule, but it has stuck with me over the years.

I know that the intent of the Golden Rule is to encourage us to treat people better, or to avoid doing things to others that we would not like done to ourselves. Unfortunately, this most often plays out as “I will treat you the way I have been treated.”

I will treat you the way I have been treated. If that is how we live, is it any wonder that cycles of violence continue to permeate and expand within our homes, our communities, and our world? April is Strengthening Families month (or Child Abuse Prevention month) and the last Sunday in April is often designated as Blue Sunday – a day of prayer for abused children.

If you have driven by the Capitol this month, you have seen the display of blue pinwheels – a symbol of a happy childhood – serving to remind us that for many the experience of childhood is at best tolerable and at worst horrific.

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