Glacier National Park investigating BASE jump from Mount Siyeh

Joshua Murdock

Glacier National Park officials are investigating a report of a rare and illegal BASE jump off of Mount Siyeh that occurred sometime Sunday. 

Jody Hildreth posted in the Facebook group Friends of Glacier National Park on Monday that he spotted a man with a parachute flying down to Cracker Lake on the north side of Mount Siyeh on Sunday while he and his daughter were hiking up to the lake. A photo attached to the post showed a person with a parachute seemingly about to land up ahead of Hildreth, in the basin below the peak. Hildreth wrote that he hiked past the person, who pointed up at the peak when asked where he jumped from. Hildreth wrote that he believed such a jump to be illegal, and he alerted rangers at the Many Glacier Ranger Station and shared the photo with them. 

Park spokeswoman Brandy Burke said on Thursday that “rangers are investigating the reports of the BASE jumper, and anyone with information can contact Glacier rangers at 406-888-7077.” If the person is caught, she said, they could face up to a $5,000 fine and six months incarceration.

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