Girlfriend charged in 2018 death of Breckenridge 3-year-old

Ramona Louise Shortman, 24, is accused of permitting ongoing abuse that led to the death of 3-year-old Winter Sky Barker in April 2018 and failing to provide appropriate care and supervision for the boy and other children in her care.

Barker was living with his mother up until January 2018, but his father, 36-year-old Tracy Norman Brant, was awarded full custody after she was jailed, according to charging documents. Barker moved into his father’s Breckenridge apartment, where Shortman and two young children lived.

Months later, authorities would arrive at the family’s apartment to find the boy dead with blunt force injuries. According to court documents filed in connection to Brant’s trial for murder, Shortman told police the boy was covered in bruises and had bumps on his head, but was fine the day before.

The evening before his death, Barker had been showing signs that he was seriously ill, documents said. He had been vomiting repeatedly and appeared weak. Investigators said Shortman recalled Barker “pointing to his tummy and saying ‘hurt.’ “

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Shortman believed the boy might have been experiencing the 24-hour flu and put him to

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