Gilligan, the trapped loon on frozen lake, will have mysterious fate explained in children's book

“I have a ton of pictures going through this entire process that I will use in my book,” she said. “Some people said since I don’t know what happened to Gilligan I can make up a happy ending, but life doesn’t do that. It’s more about how you handle it when life doesn’t give you closure or the ending you want or any ending at all.”

She plans to include some of the lessons she learned from trying to help Gilligan in her book.

“I think it’s very timely with all of us going through the pandemic and how to handle all we have been through,” she said. “We need to learn how to listen to and respect each other and live in harmony because we need all of the ideas in the world to come to the best solutions for everyone. When things happen, how do we heal, how do we handle disappointment? I think that’s a more valuable lesson to teach through this story than making up a happy ending.”

Center’s background is in music and she has also written a piece entitled “Dance of the Loons.” She said her experience with Gilligan has made her connection

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