Giant Lockwood pumpkin falls short of state record

A 1325-pound pumpkin from Lockwood fell a few pounds short of setting a Montana record at a regional weight off in Rapid City, South Dakota.

Pumpkin grower Joesph Nigro likes to think of his 1325-pound monster as having held the Montana record briefly during the Great Downtown Pumpkin Festival in Rapid City on Sept. 23.

“We got 1325 pounds and then another dude from Montana, from Fairview, came through later with one that was 1348,” Nigro said.

The Fairview grower was past champion Mike Cotter, who earlier told Lee Montana Newspapers that he had a pumpkin he thought would take the record.

Winners might fetch a few hundred dollars in prize money, but most champs just earn pride. 

No Montana pumpkin prior to Nigro’s had weighed in so heavily. The previous record was 1,258 pounds, also Cotter’s. Nigro’s pumpkin was not only heavy, but big at 15 feet, 2 inches circumference. Based on the vegetable’s size, he estimated it might weigh as much as 1,400 pounds.

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