Gianforte vetoes ‘mobile home tenant bill of rights’ from Missoula lawmaker

Despite broad support from both sides of the aisle, a proposal by a Missoula-area lawmaker to increase the rights of mobile home park tenants was vetoed by Gov. Greg Gianforte on Tuesday.

House Bill 889, from Rep. Jonathan Karlen (D-Frenchtown/Huson), was labeled as a “mobile home tenant bill of rights.”

The bill passed the GOP-controlled Legislature with a 30-20 vote in the Senate and a 68-31 vote in the House. 

“The governor’s veto made it clear that, when it’s time to act rather than talk, he stands with a minority of bad landlords and out-of-state corporations rather than with the tens of thousands of hardworking Montanans and senior citizens suffering from unfair and predatory practices,” Karlen said in a statement. “HB 889 was a compromise that I crafted with legislators of both parties and with stakeholders, who all recognize that Montanans living in mobile home parks are on the frontline of our housing crisis and deserve the same rights as other homeowners.”

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In his veto letter, Gianforte said he’s committed to increasing Montanans’ access to affordable, attainable housing, including measures that ensure the availability of rental lots for owners of

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