Get Tested, Joe

It began shortly after President Biden’s inauguration. First, there were whispers and what seemed like slander on far-right websites and social media that the president was suffering from cognitive decline. His subsequent slurred speech, his trips and falls, and his confusion even while reading a teleprompter, all have led to denunciations and explanations by the White House press secretary, some congressional Democrats and legacy media for raising the issue.

The subject is no longer on the fringes. Mainstream media are now carrying stories and editorials about the president’s mental condition and his fitness for a second term. Asked about his age by Fareed Zakaria on CNN (a related but not the main subject), Biden said with age comes wisdom.

Not for everyone.

Questions about Biden’s mental state have grown louder in recent months. Axios reported this week that “President Joe Biden, behind closed doors, has a temper that sees him yelling at staff and shouting obscenities. In fact, his temper is so bad that some staff try to avoid meeting alone with him or bring along a colleague to help defuse the situation.” That’s quite a contrast from the president’s promise on his first day in office to fire anyone on his

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