'Get out of the building' John Driscoll recalls day that changed the world


Twenty years ago this morning, Army Col. John Driscoll, had completed delivering a package in the Pentagon and was working his way back to his office with the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Ret. Col. John Driscoll, right, with Ret. Gen. Hugh Shelton, who served as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from 1997 to 2001.

Photo courtesy of John Driscoll

Similar to probably everyone else in the facility, and the rest of the entire country for that matter, paramount on his mind was the attack on the Twin Towers shortly before.

“I remember looking down at the pentagon shape of the white plastic lid on the coffee cup I was carrying, and thinking, “Boy, this building would sure be easy to identify from a fast-moving aircraft and to hit from the air,’” Driscoll wrote in 2003.

And almost instantaneously, he heard and felt the explosion.

Something happened in New York

Col. Driscoll of the Montana Army National Guard had been detailed to active duty at the Pentagon in 1999.

He and his wife Kathy were living in an apartment at Foggy Bottom, and

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