Garland's special counsel appointment has Trump 2024 in mind but it's not what you think

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Attorney General Merrick Garland has appointed a special counsel to investigate former President Donald Trump. Do not be fooled: this act is not intended to remove Trump from the battlefield, but rather to help him ride to victory and become the GOP 2024 candidate. Democrats, who most recently subverted Republican primaries by pushing candidates they hoped would lose in the general election, are just that devious.

President Trump achieved his highest-ever approval rating of 49%, as measured by Gallup, in the week the Senate convened to impeach him in 2020.  In the months during which the House held endless hearings on the terrible riots of January 6, President Trump’s popularity rose. 

Attorney General Merrick Garland and former President Donald Trump (Photo illustration/Getty Images)

How could that be? Mainly because Trump is a genius at playing the victim card. He thunders and rages, denouncing his persecutors convincingly because, indeed, the treatment meted out to him by the liberal press and by his political opponents has been stomach-turning. His words have been twisted and misrepresented in appalling ways, his every act ignored or defamed. Trump was never granted unbiased treatment.


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