Garland Chills Parental Speech


Posted: Oct 09, 2021 12:01 AM

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Garland acted with reckless haste to implement the anti-parent agenda demanded by the National School Board Association (NSBA). Without any investigation to establish the validity of NSBA’s claims, he accepted them as valid and issued an immediate order. Garland did so on October 4 just five days after the NSBA insisted that Biden have DOJ and the FBI act against parents protesting Critical Race Theory and mask mandates.

The NSBA letter to Biden asks for parents to be treated like domestic terrorists and be investigated by DOJ and the FBI. In his October 4 memorandum, Garland responded by ordering the DOJ and FBI to coordinate with local law enforcement in all 14,000 public school districts. He ordered DOJ to employ “authority and resources” to identify parents who make “threats” against “school administrators, board members, teachers and staff” and prosecute them “when appropriate.” He thereby marched in near perfect lock step with the substantive demands of the NSBA.

While Garland’s memo recites, superficially, that

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