Gardner Minshew’s Grandfather Wanted Him To Be Named Beowulf, Father Wanted Him Named Gardner II

The legend of Gardner Minshew continues to grow, and the latest addition to the tales surrounding him is laugh-out-loud funny.

According to a Wednesday profile from on the Jacksonville Jaguars new starting quarterback, his grandfather wanted him to be named Beowulf at birth.

If that wasn’t strange enough, his father wanted to name him Gardner II. There was just one gigantic problem with that idea. (RELATED: Jacksonville Jaguars Quarterback Gardner Minshew Reportedly Works Out Naked)

There was no Gardner I.

I just can’t get enough of this dude. Everything we’ve ever heard about him since his days playing for Mike Leach has been incredible.

He’s the kind of content machine we dream about in the business. He’s a generational talent when it comes to the internet.

It’s got a hall of fame worthy mustache, there’s stories about how he works out naked in front of his teammates and now he’s a starting quarterback in the NFL.

You literally couldn’t make up the legend of Gardner Minshew if tried. It’s almost like they just pulled this guy right off of a local construction site and handed him a football.

As I said before,

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