Gardiner, Cooke City flooding: 'It's going to be a rough summer'

Katy Canetta had set her alarm for 5:30 a.m. and started getting ready for work Monday morning.

Canetta, who works for Yellowstone National Park and lives just outside of Gardiner, went outside to look at the river. Some flooding had been expected.

Despite there being about 25 feet of bank between her apartment and the river, Canetta quickly realized “we only had a few hours before the house was going to go in.”

Canetta and her husband, Mike, quickly woke up the four other families living in the apartment building — all park employees — and evacuated them.

“We told them we needed to evacuate and to grab whatever they could, we knew there was a power line that was going to break,” she said.

Over the afternoon, video footage showed the river bank slowly being eroded by the swift moving water.

Canetta left her home of about six months and went to a temporary shelter set up by the park.

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While Canetta and her husband recently moved here from Jackson Hole, some of her neighbors had lived in the apartment building for over two decades and raised families there.

“We didn’t stay until

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