Gallatin County Issues Emergency Burn Ban Due to Dry Conditions

On Tuesday, the Gallatin County Commission announced an emergency ordinance banning burning and other activities that increase the risk of wildfire in Gallatin County.

The burn ban is in response to an abundance of dry fuel levels and a lack of firefighting resources regionally.

Effective immediately, the following acts are prohibited in Gallatin County:

Open burningRecreational fires, excluding petroleum-fueled devices that can be turned immediately on and off with no element that continues to burnUse of any firework, explosive or incendiary deviceSmoking outside an enclosed vehicle or building, unless the smoking occurs in an area at least three feet in diameter that is clear of all flammable materialOperating motorized vehicles off a road or trail, except for an agricultural or utility activity (e.g. maintaining livestock, maintaining water facilities, or utility maintenance work)

People are also recommended to refrain from shooting firearms outside of developed shooting ranges clear of natural vegetation, although those activities are not prohibited by the ordinance.

Since our firefighters are out there doing their best to protect our communities and homes and putting their lives at risk, the rest of us can do our part to prevent starting any new fires. We’re on track for really rough conditions and relief is not exactly

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