Gable Steveson putting Gophers wrestling first, but teases pro match with Brock Lesnar

Last week, Steveson signed a name image and likeness deal with World Wrestling Entertainment, and the former Apple Valley High School star will come back for one final collegiate wrestling season this winter. On Monday, Steveson offered charisma and meaty soundbites — elements WWE will love once he joins the organization full time next spring.

Asked at a news conference if he is entertaining any stage names once he turns pro, he spoke slowly and enunciated into the microphone: “Gable. Steveson.”

The wrestling gold medalist in the Summer Olympics was offered the suggestion of a moniker involving his trademark backflip, which he uncorked after his last-second takedown of Georgian Geno Petriashvili to win it all in the 125-kg division in Tokyo in August.

“Right now, I’m Gable Steveson,” he said. “I hope to keep that name forever.”

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Given his upcoming swan song in NCAA wrestling, Steveson was asked if he’s looking to rekindle any “rivalries,” perhaps with Michigan’s Mason Parris. He paused, then said: “Yeah, I guess so. … Is it a rivalry?”

Zing. Steveson was undefeated in

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