FWP kills mountain lion on Billings West End, warns of more summer animal encounters

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A mountain lion holds up in a tree after being cornered by Fish, Wildlife and Parks in a West End neighborhood Thursday.

Photo courtesy Montana FWP Griffen Smith

Game wardens from Fish, Wildlife and Parks killed a mountain lion in a Billings West End neighborhood Thursday after the animal became a safety hazard to nearby houses.

“There’s not a lot of choices once a mountain lion is comfortable around humans,” FWP communications and education manager Bob Gibson said to the Gazette. “We could tranquilize it, but then the question is what do you do with it?”

Mountain lions and other wildlife frequent parts of Billings as a part of their territory and hunting grounds. While most will stay away from humans, the mountain lion killed, likely while looking for food, appeared to be more comfortable in residential areas.

Neighbors first reported the lion at 4 a.m. Thursday near N. 48th Street West in the Oak Ridge Estates subdivision. The big cat moved between backyards before game wardens pinned it in a

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