FWP allows some hunters to keep tags issued in fouled up drawing for bighorns, moose

Billings Gazette

At least a few Montana hunters who were unintentionally awarded bighorn sheep and moose permits in the most recent Fish, Wildlife & Parks drawing will be happy.

The agency has decided to allow the extra licenses issued to five either-sex bighorn sheep applicants in Hunting District 482-20 and two moose hunters in HDs 270-50 and 341-50.

“With these three instances, the extra licenses will have no impact on the population,” said Ken McDonald, chief of the Wildlife Division at FWP, in a statement. “In the remaining circumstances where licenses were over-drawn, awarding additional licenses could detrimentally affect populations.”

The other 55 bighorn sheep applicants in HD 482-30, 622-30 and 680-31, along with two moose hunters who thought they had tags in HD 322-00, will still have their hopes for a hard-to-get-hunt crushed.

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FWP spokesman Greg Lemon said the decision was made to award some of the tags as drawn was based on the fact that they were within the quota range approved by the Fish and Wildlife Commission and that the extra hunting pressure wouldn’t be biologically harmful to the wildlife.

The announcement came a day after FWP

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