FWP adopts new rule for pulling more perch from Holter Reservoir


From Montana FWP: Ice fishing is a great way (and we would argue, the best way) to get outside and spend the day in the winter. But remember, no ice is 100% safe, and no fish, no matter how big, is worth your life. Take if from FWP’s Stacy Schmidt – crayfish hunter by night, ice safety technician by day – and her team at Lewis and Clark Search and Rescue.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Park’s Fish and Wildlife Commission has adopted a new regulation for yellow perch in Holter Reservoir due to an increase in numbers.

Effective immediately, the new regulation is 25 perch daily and 50 in possession. Previous regulations allowed both a daily and possession limit of 25 perch.

Perch numbers in Holter Reservoir have increased over the past few years.

The Upper Missouri River Reservoir Fisheries Management Plan guides Montana FWP to maximize fishing opportunities when yellow perch abundance increases above goal objectives in the plan.

This is now the case with perch, and the rationale behind the regulation change.

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