Fromberg residents devastated in wake of historical flood


FROMBERG — When the levee broke in Fromberg during the Monday floods it was only minutes before a trickle of water turned into a river, effectively washing away the lives of those living on the east side of the rural town.

“People lost everything,” said resident Tura Gruel. “It’s a whole lifetime of stuff gone.”

A lonely rocking horse bobbing across town in the flood waters has become a joke among the locals, but the toy, escaped from Gruel’s corral, is her grandson’s favorite plaything. While many have seen it, Gruel has yet to find the rocking horse and bring it home.

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She lost thousands of dollars worth of meat, fish and other foods in her outside freezer, but her in-laws, who live right next door, were flushed with at least two feet of river water inside their home. Furniture, clothes and keepsakes are missing or soaked through. Even the jets in the whirlpool tub are filled with muck and when Gruel opened the oven door, water poured out. 

The in-laws have been on vacation in Idaho, and, as of Thursday, had not yet seen the damage. Gruel and

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