‘Frightened And Concerned’: Anti-Semitic Attacks Ignored By Arizona School District, Biden Admin Investigation Reveals

The U.S. Department of Education Office of Civil Rights (OCR) finalized its investigation into an Arizona school district, concluding that the district had ignored complaints of anti-semitic harassment, according to an Aug. 23 letter.

The OCR found that a Jewish student of Kyrene School District #28 in Tempe, Arizona, endured five months of anti-semitic harassment and despite being made aware of the harassment, the district failed to take action, according to a letter by the OCR. The school district has committed to a resolution agreement which includes training staff to handle complaints of discrimination and distributing a school climate survey. (RELATED: NYC’s Universities Allegedly Turned A Blind Eye To Antisemitism For Years, Complaint Says)

During the 2018-2019 school year, the student was called names on social media including, “stinky Jew” and “filthy Jew” and students saluted her like Nazi soldiers, the letter stated. Other students made Holocaust jokes in German accents directed at the student.

A video of students “saluting like Nazi soldiers, pretending to be Hitler” was included as evidence in the investigation, the letter showed. The student remained home because she became “frightened and concerned” to face her peers’ reactions after she complained to the principal.

“As a person of

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