Friends, let’s be among that boisterous crowd

Growing up near the U.S. Air Force Academy, I anticipated USAFA graduations.

In 1963, President JFK spoke. Later, his motorcade passed close to our home. I waved at our well-tanned, youthful president in his Lincoln Continental convertible with the top down.

Steve Bostrom

In contrast, annually the Thunderbirds came to salute the grads! I always thrilled to see Thunderbirds performing precise aerial maneuvers demonstrating the exhilarating capabilities of Air Force pilots and their high-performance aircraft.

And the sound – especially while the crowd intently watched the diamond formation, the lead solo plane came blistering in very low and fast – from behind the crowd! Everyone jumped.

Piercing sounds from the Thunderbirds descended from heaven to earth.

But the Bible tells us that the ringing cries of people may pierce heaven too.

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