Friday night rewind: Riese Gaber's speed causes problems for Niagara

In the opening period of Friday night’s game, UND sophomore Riese Gaber picked up a pass from defenseman Brent Johnson near the center line.

Gaber skated it toward the offensive blue line with speed.

Niagara senior defenseman Zac Herrmann cut toward Gaber, looking to angle him off his rush up the left wing. But Gaber was not where Herrmann thought he’d be.

The UND forward was already a step past him. Gaber got inside position on Herrmann, created an odd-man opportunity and left a feed for Jake Schmaltz to tap in for the first goal of his career.

That was the first time it became apparent Gaber’s speed was going to be a problem for Niagara. It continued to be a theme throughout the night.

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By the end of the regular-season opener, Gaber had three assists and UND won 6-2.

“I thought it was a good win,” said Gaber, who also drew a penalty with his speed in the second period. “Obviously, we got off to a good start. That was our main focus: come out

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