French murder mystery: What did the blind boy see?

“Anatomy of a Fall” (R)

At the Myrna Loy

Brent Northup

Daniel, an 11-year-old sight-impaired boy, stands before the French court. He looks three parts scared, two parts brave.

Like everyone, Daniel wants to know how his father died.

Was it simply a tragic accident? A fall from the balcony of their home in the French Alps?

Or was Daniel’s mom somehow complicit?

After a lengthy investigation, French authorities have charged Daniel’s mother Sandra in the death of her husband Sam.

“Anatomy of a Fall” is now playing at the Myrna Loy. It is rated R.

Photo courtesy of Le Pacte

The trial aims to find the truth. After a parade of expert witnesses establish facts without determining guilt, the time has come to call the only witness, son Daniel.

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