Free Speech Online Is In Jeopardy, Parler App Wants To Change That

10:12 PM 06/11/2019 | Opinion

Stephanie Hamill | Video Columnist

The CEO of the new social media app Parler could change the social media game, especially with all the debate over social media censorship going on right now.

That is, it could change social media for those who truly believe in free speech and jump ship from other social sites like Twitter and Facebook. (RELATED: Conservatives Burned by Twitter Flock to New Platform.)

John Matze says he’s committed to free speech and says absolutely no users will be censored, even if they write offensive posts — unless they violate federal law.

During an interview with the Daily Caller’s Stephanie Hamill, he highlighted what makes his social media site unique and what it actually takes to launch an app.

Matze explained:

I think we’re going to end up taking out a lot of social media presence because I think what people want is a fair place where people can talk. The average person is a moderate and the average person wants to have discussions they want to learn about news, I think we offer them a fair platform for that.

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