Free 55-pound blocks of butter churn up a frenzy in Wyoming

Mary Steurer Casper Star-Tribune

Free 55-pound blocks of butter available at 6708 Zero Road, Casper, Wyoming, said the post. 4 p.m. Take as much as you want.

No further explanation needed.

On The Hook Towing became the unexpected proprietor of hundreds of enormous butter cubes after the company was called to pick up a downed semi-truck in Sinclair on Dec. 29.

The truck had been transporting them when it wiped out.

On The Hook’s owner, Bob Maxwell, said the company didn’t have details about exactly what happened to the truck, where it was going or who was driving it.

“Simply put, we were hired by their insurance company to dispose of the truck’s contents and tow the trailer to the salvage auction,” Maxwell said in an email.

A request for more information about the incident wasn’t returned by Wyoming Highway Patrol in time for publication.

So the truck was fated for salvage auction. But what of the cargo? It was doomed to waste away in a landfill somewhere, Maxwell said.

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He took to Facebook that same day to see if anyone in Casper could take some of it off their hands.

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