Fred Keller to Newsmax: 'We Need to Get to the Bottom' of Covid-19 Origins

Rep. Fred Keller, R-Penn., told Newsmax on Tuesday that Congress should hold “hearings” into the origins of COVID-19 and whether China has been dishonest about it.

Keller told “American Agenda” that he and his colleagues would “like to see hearings. I’d like to see hearings in the House this week [to] get down to the bottom of what happened and how Covid-19 got released, not just upon the American people, but upon the world and really has caused a lot of harm. The Chinese Communist Party has not been truthful or honest on anything, most of all this virus, in the past year and a half, and we need to get to the bottom of it.” 

When asked how he would prove these allegations, Keller said: “I’m optimistic that Congress would be able to have the resources, [the] United States government be able to offer resources to get the proper people in the room and get down to… who were the first scientists that came down with this in 2019? Why would they [be] silenced? Why was it a year ago when anybody discussed the possibility of this coming out of the Wuhan lab… why was that considered to be fake news and other things and people were dismissed and ridiculed because of that idea now, all of a sudden that’s it. That’s a real distinct possibility. We need get to

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