Fox Slams Gianforte for Missing Gubernatorial Debate in Helena

Montana Attorney General Tim Fox said on Wednesday’s Talk Back on KGVO that he and fellow Republican gubernatorial candidate Dr. Al Olszewski would meet in Helena for a debate on November 26, even though U.S. Representative Greg Gianforte said he could not attend.

On Monday night, the Lewis and Clark Republican Committee cancelled the debate because of Gianforte’s absence, but Fox said he at Dr. Al would debate anyway.

“Some time ago I issued a challenge for all of us Republican candidates to meet for a series of 10 debates all across the state so that Montana voters could hear their vision for the state,” said Fox. “Dr. Al said he was in, but then, it was just crickets from the Gianforte campaign. Then they started delaying, they wanted to have a meeting and then they said there was no need to have a debate before the end of the year, and they didn’t have the schedule for Congress for next year yet, etc, etc, excuse after excuse.”

Fox said Gianforte exerted pressure on the Lewis and Clark committee and they cancelled the debate.

“We’re still going to have it, we think it’s important, and Lee Newspapers said they would

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