Fox Reporter Interrupts Karine Dunk Session With Crucial Question About India

Fox News’ Edward Lawrence interrupted an epic dunk session on White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre to ask a crucial question about India.

Jean-Pierre was working furiously to dodge questions from reporters representing several outlets — including The New York Times, CBS News, NBC News, Newsmax and the New York Post — about new revelations that President Joe Biden was allegedly aware of and involved in his son Hunter’s business dealings. But then, her moment of reprieve came from Lawrence, who had a pressing question about … India.

“Back to India if we could, so India is on a U.S. priority watchlist with China and Russia for failing to protect intellectual property. With this push to get American businesses to move into India more and invest in India, what assurances did you get from Prime Minister Modi that India will protect intellectual property?” Lawrence asked.

“As two countries and leaders who are certainly leading in innovation and intellectual property, the United States and India have strong and shared interests in protecting intellectual property and a shared technology eco system,” Jean-Pierre responded. “So protecting IPE along with expanding market opportunities for U.S. firms in India, welcoming major Indian investment

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