Fox News Power Rankings: Democrats build momentum, but GOP still has the advantage

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The House is in play for the first time this cycle as Democrats continue to build momentum, but the GOP remains the favorite to take control. This edition of the Fox News Power Rankings looks at shifts toward Democrats in nine battleground House races and two key Senate races. Meanwhile, the GOP makes gains in the Georgia and Oregon governor races.

House: Republicans expected to take a 13-seat majority, but Democrats now have pathways to win

Republicans are forecast to control the House after November’s elections. (Fox News)

Republicans can expect a 13-seat majority in the latest House forecast (a total of 231 seats), leaving the Democrats with a 14-seat deficit (204 seats). These numbers reflect a shift of three seats away from the GOP since August. While the trend line favors Democrats, 13 seats means the Republicans would hold a comfortable governing majority. House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy will want to keep that figure in the double digits as election day approaches.

(You may notice that the chart above looks different compared to previous editions. This chart now shows the number of Democratic and Republican seats if each party wins half of

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